Software archive, currently very incomplete.

This is mostly Amigastuff, wholely or partly made by me. Don't expect anything groundbraking, as I never was any talented. Bear with the high useless-factor.

The tiny icons should be self explainory, but if in doubt; the little sheet links to the Aminet readme, the floppy to the actual software, and the house-looking thing to it's webpage. Obviously, all three are "if avaiable."

BDStuff - 1996-07-09
Just some grachics, soundeffects and levels to use with BoulderDäsh. Nothing special.
Debut - Easter 1997
This was the only production ever released by Image Dreams C64 Divison. Made for the two block intro compo at The Gathering 97, containing my first (and seemingly last) 6510 code. This is the C64 executable.
Demo.bas - 2000
This is a retro-styled "demo" I made using QBasic, when I worked as a slave in a small copyshop at SSB (Statistisk Sentralbyrå, Statistics Norway). The job was obviously very boring, so I used at lot of time playing with one of the Wintel-boxes there. This is (one of) the result(s). I released it as a contribution to the "PC Looser" compo at Kindergarden 2000-1. Labeled as an Image Dreams release, although the group have been more or less dead for years. If it seems to go too fast or slow, try changing the "e" variable, at line 8.
Dim Screams - 1997
Another Image Dreams release, this was our contribution to the 40k compo at Kindergarden97. It was a very "last minute" release, because the coder (Urban) was a very busy man those days. This intro basicly just consists of some lame graphics and effects, hardly any design at all. (Not that the effects themselves were that bad, they were just ruined by the dull visuals, made by yours truly.) Contains music by Mr. C.
DosHelp - 1996
This is really stupid
dynAMIte notifyer - 2001-03-16
A small Arexx script I made to tell me whenever someone logs into my dynAMIte server, when running. It echoes the name of the player into AmIRC's listview, wich is very handy, as I'm "always" on IRC.
Nokiafont - 2000
The main font used by "second generation" (5110 and models with simular UI software) Nokia cellulars.
Scenefonts - 1997-1999
Some fonts I've made, mainly inspired by old C64 8x8 bitmaps. Released newly, but created quite a while back.
School Blows - 1995
Platform/action/shooter-game a friend and I once tried to develop. However, the game never passed early developement stages. Hence, it was never released. The game was set in a school, where the main objective was to shoot teachers. Yes, we were young. Still in second elementary, in fact.
Spaceheat - 1996
A rather crappy Shoot'em'up a friend and I made using SEUCK (Shoot'em'up Construction Kit). The homepage is kept unchanged for historical reasons. Forgive it, I was young.
WormsSlaughter - 1996
A level for Worms, set in a cityscape (sort of), where people have been butchered. I think this one is kinda cute. Has actually been included in "best of"-packages and on webpages serving "the best" (should be "slightly above utterly crap", I reckon) Worms-levels.