Complete news archive

2023-11-13 Disabled the chat widget after server update because laziness and incompetence. It might or might not come back some day.

2020-02-17 Matrix is really cool, so of course I had to mention my Matrix ID and make the cute little chat widget.

2020-02-08 Dark mode support! \o/

2019-03-31 Added a link to my Mastodon/Fosstodon profile.

2014-04-05 I lost a lot of stuff in a HD crash, and as I didn't have any recent backups of my web page (silly me) I did some modernizing. Responsive design, yay!

2008-09-14 I put up some ringtone mp3s mostly inspired from some retro demoscene music, both mods and sids.

2008-06-16 It was inevitable. I finally made the pages a bit more modern. Bye bye, IBrowse.

2008-03-04 Cleaned up more shit. Gah.

2007-06-13 Just mentioned my Picasa Gallery.

2006-09-18 The unthinkable has happened. I've started a blog.

2006-03-27 Evil spammers finally got to me, I closed down the Guestbook. Not that it matters. I just cant get myself to remove this page.

2005-01-16 Cleaned up some outdated stuff.

2002-01-12 Made a list of my "leechable" movies. Some titles are clickable and links to it's IMDB page. Also made all the dates in the news list ISO 8601 compliant.

2001-06-30 Added a page with some links I like/use.

2001-06-13 Changed the text on the main index to make a bit more sense.

2001-06-12 Someone attempted (and failed) to hack my Apache today. How fun. :)

2001-06-02 Enhanced the software archive a bit. Now the Aminet readmes are linked, if available. Also added two more releases, this time some fonts.

2001-05-29 Added some more entries to the software archive.

2001-05-29 Made some minor changes. The news are automated now. Oh my, oh my, PHP is so much fun.

2001-05-27 Uploaded a Operator Logo for Nokia cellulars, to all of those who want to worship this site. (Yes, that was a bit ironic.)

2001-05-27 Made a new Guestbook, based on the old version, to match the design of the new pages.

2001-05-26 Decided to try to gather all selfmade software on the new site (this one.) See the collection here.